Non-Medical Home Care Business Training

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Non-Medical Home Care Business Training

Unlike, medical home care businesses, a non-medical home care agency is much easier to set up in terms of staffing. That is because unlike a medical care agency, you do not need to hire licensed medical practitioners, such as nurses and physical therapists. However, caring for the elderly is no easy feat. Your caregivers need to be equipped with the right knowledge and tools to help them give the best care for your clients, and luckily Access Care Solutions offers free non-medical home care training to our clients through a  training boot-camp.

Our Home Care Training Boot Camp Seminar is an intensive workshop that’s free for all clients and their staff. There, we discuss both the clinical and administrative aspects of running a non-medical home care agency. The program is designed to prepare your business to meet the needs of your clients, impart fundamental knowledge to your staff, and prepare your business to compete with other home care agencies in your area.

Who Should Take the Non-Medical Home Care Business Training?

Attending the Home Care Training Boot Camp will not only benefit your caregiving staff. As a business owner, you can also learn a lot from the seminar. There, we also cover the administrative and marketing aspects of running a non-medical home care business–pooling knowledge from our experience working with dozens of clients in the field. Not to mention, it is also a great way to network with other non-medical home care business owners–some of whom have been in the industry for years now. And they’d be more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge with you as a new member of the community.

The very first part of the seminar starts is dedicated to the very beginning of the business startup process: licensing, agency types, staff requirements, and supervision. The next module dwells on client acquisition, referrals, patient assessment, and documentation of care history. A specific section is also dedicated to hygienic, regulatory, and ethical standards that all caregivers must follow.

Our program is designed to get your Home Care Business prepared to compete with the Home Care Businesses in your area, start taking on new clients and start turning a profit.

Your caregivers deserve top-notch training delivered by institutions in the non-medical home care field–with no hidden costs to you. Choose a consultant that sets you up for efficiency, stability, and success.

When it comes to offering FREE lifetime consultation and training to your staff, Access Care Solutions is your non-medical home care consultant of choice.

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